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What is Airbrush Makeup? Is it right for my skin type?

Airbrush makeup is another method of applying foundation makeup and contour to the face. It is applied using state-of-the-art equipment and special airbrush makeup that creates a flawless finish to the face. It works for most skin types, and we use silicone as well as water based formulas (MAC HD Airbrush Makeup & Temptu Aqua and S/B formulas). A consultation and trial run is recommended for people with excessive skin oil (sebum), and/or fine lines.

What is the difference between Airbrush and Regular Makeup Applications?

Airbrush Makeup is a alternative method of applying base foundation, facial contouring, and bronzer. It appears to work best for people with normal to dry skin. We have also noticed that it does not work as well with noticeably porous skin. It’s another option for brides, and we have had a lot of requests for it over the past few seasons. We have made an effort to become educated on how Airbrush Makeup can benefit our bridal parties and have made it an exclusive service that we offer. We strive to stay competitive, and up to date on the latest trends in wedding makeup.

Do you work On-Location?

We work exclusively On-Location. We would travel to your home or family/friend’s home, hotel, or ceremony site (that has access to power, and is cool for makeup application). If location is more than 20 miles from downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul, whichever is closest to your ‘getting ready’ location, we charge .50 cents/mile per artist.

Do you charge extra for On-Location services?

No, we do not, however, if your location is more than 20 miles from downtown Minneapolis or downtown St. Paul (whichever is closest to your location), we charge .50 cents per mile/per artist round-trip. All services have a 18% gratuity charge added to the total bill or per person based on services rendered.

What is the difference between an Updo and Set/Style?

An Updo is any style that utilizes pins in the hair. Set/Style for example, would be a blow-out, straightening of the hair, or curled/rolled then styled without pinning involved.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you do not. Unlike most wedding vendors, we run on an honor system. If more than 1 service (i.e. ONE hair design service or ONE makeup application) is canceled on the day of the event without 2 weeks notice, the bride or whomever booked the wedding party’s services will be charged full price. Your confirmation of booking of your Wedding Date binds you to this agreement.

When should I book my Wedding Day Preview ‘Trial Run’?

We recommend doing the trial run when your skin color/texture is the most similar to the time of the year when you’re getting married.

Our trial run takes about 3 hours for both hair and makeup, and the styles are unlimited within that time frame for $150. If it takes less than 3 hours, we will only charge you $50/hr.

All Twin Cities Makeup Artistry Services have a 18% industry standard gratuity added to the total bill.

Any other questions? Please do inquire! We are here to assist you with all of your wedding beauty service questions.